Energy And Productivity Monitoring

Production and Energy are the two AREA of CONCERN for any manufacturing company. Maximizing Production with least Energy Cost is the TARGET for any Management. This is only achievable if Production and Energy are monitored at regular intervals, and then relationships between MAN / MACHINE / PRODUCTION / ENERGY / TIME is derived in NEAR REAL TIME


HETA DATAIN specializes in ENERGY & PRODUCTIVITY OPTIMISATION, EMBEDDED DATA LOGGING, CLOUD COMPUTING and PROCESS SIMULATION under one roof, with Technology Experts to give out of the box solution. HETA DATAIN solution relies on monitoring major Electrical Feeders and Critical Machines for more than 40 parameters every 2 minutes, locally consolidating it in Embedded Servers, uploading the encrypted data to the Cloud, and displaying the status of the Plant in near REAL TIME on a dashboard. A typical dashboard for a Production unit is shown below, updated every two minutes, which can be viewed anywhere on a computer or mobile. The fact that Management is aware of the Plant Status in Real Time, is known to the Middle Management, Supervisors and Workers makes this an IDEAL INVISIBLE SUEPRVISON TOOL.


  • Intelligent Remote Control Device which is Embedded Micro Controller capable to communicate upto 10 Multi Functional Devices mounted on Electrical Feeders, or Transducers for Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Flow etc.
  • Virtual Private Server on Cloud to store data
  • Remote Dashboard to all authorised users
  • Fixed on site by an electrician No manpower needed to run the system. Only internet connectivity required for running the system

Machine Productivity can be remotely monitored.

  • Energy Cost per unit of Production can be calculated and monitored. Quality control checks in Batch Process, leading to lower rejections.
  • Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Reports generated for any Feeder remotely.
  • Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Reports generated for any Feeder remotely.  Parameters include KW, KVA, KVAR, V, I, PF, Freq, KWH, KVAH for all Feeders.
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What can be measured?

  • 1.Electrical Energy and Machine (40+ parameters per feeder)
  • 2.Physical parameters like Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Humidity
  • 3.Environmental parameters like Air Quality index, Ambient air temperature and humidity, Atmospheric and Building air pressure.


  • 1.Cost per Feeder or Transducers is less than INR 25,000/-
  • 2.Minimum size is 10 Feeders or Transducers.
  • 3.Cost per unit decreases in case the quantity increases.
  • 4.Customization of Hardware and Software is acceptable on cost plus basis.

Optional Services based on the System outcome:

  • 1. Off-site expertise Energy Auditors to analyse and suggest improvement in Plant Energy Optimisation.
  • 2. Off-site Simulation of process to improve the system throughput.
  • 3. Business Intelligence (BI) reports to give meaningful insights to the Management.
  • 4. pps for both Android and IOS mobiles.