If you can't measure it, you can't control it

You can only Control if you can Monitor.
You can only Monitor if you have DATA.
We provide the DATA for Monitoring and Control.

Major Projects

220 KV Transmission/ Transformer/ Substation Designed,Actual & Simulated losses.

Productivity & Energy Monitoring systems for Production and Energy Optimisation.

Automated Energy billing for Campus / Hostels / Rooms.

Energy Optimisation of District Cooling Plants.

Area of Expertise

Energy Audit / Energy Optimisation / Productivity Monitoring / Production Optimisation / Energy Intensity / Embedded Dataloggers , Industry 4.0, Wireless Communication, Cloud Computing , Real Time Dashboards and APP , Management Information and Business Intelligence Reports

Real Time Energy Optimisation

Using Non-Invasive Sensors and Dataloggers, we log Energy Parameters from each Feeder / Equipment without any Outage. This data is analysed for the Energy Map of the Process / Equipment for Energy Optimisation

Real Time Productivity Monitoring

Using Non-Invasive Sensors and Dataloggers, we log necessary Production Parameters required for Productivity Monitoring in Real Time. We then map this data with Energy consumed to give Energy Intensity reports and analysis

Process Simulation

Using Simulations Software like ETAP / MITAB / Ansys / MATLAB / NI / ASPEN / HYSYS etc, we simulate the complete Process / Plant Equipment using design parameters and them we tweak the individual equipment behaviour to replicate present scenario.

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Productivity Optimisation
  • Remote & Real Time Monitoring
  • Parameter Analysis
  • Fault Analysis
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Energy Monitoring
  • Streamline processes
  • Technology Upgrades
  • Fault Analysis
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Productivity and Energy Monitoring
  • Remote & Real Time Monitoring
  • Parameter Analysis
  • Fault Analysis
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Energy Audit
  • Energy Management Solutions
  • Optimization
  • Automation
How We Achieve

Doing Energy Audit is STATIC. It only gives the status of Energy efficiency based on the present parameters, and the remedies suggested are limited to that time scenario. Production, User Demand, Seasonal Weather, Occupancy variation etc. are parameters which vary every hour throughout the year, and this makes Energy Optimisation of these processes a very DYNAMIC exercise.

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Energy related Data logging to the Cloud

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Off-Shore Process Simulation

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Dashboard & APP for status of Energy Flow

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Expert advice on Process Flow during the year

Real Time Dashboards
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CEO's Desk


"Productivity and Energy Optimisation of Industry and Institutions using non-invasive IOT, Embedded Datalogger, Cloud Computing, Real Time Monitoring and Alerts, Simulation, and Off-site data analysis using Artificial Intelligence by Energy Auditors"

  • 35 years experience in the Industry.
  • Accredited Energy Auditor by Bureau of Energy Efficiency,Ministry of Power,Government of India.
  • Senior Consultant to REC Power Distribution Company Ltd. in the area of Smart Grid and Information technology in Distribution.
  • 25 years as Associate Professor in Engineering College.
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