Energy Monitoring

"Energy Optimization and Management System” offers facility owners and operators a comprehensive integrated web based automated energy management program. Establish best practices across all energy functions including energy monitoring, scrutiny & surveillance with implicit post mortem of all issues which leads to greater energy efficiency and savings.We have cut back energy consumption in major District Cooling Plants, Industries, Hospitals and Medical institutes by about 15-20% , amounting to 15 crore rupees per year.


Non Invasive transducers are installed at each electrical feeder to measure all electrical parameters . This enumerated data chronicled into the client & the server collects the data from all the client and upload it to the cloud for further processing. The data is then processed and is displayed on the web application which can be accessed anywhere in the world. This System Measure, Log, Stores and Analyzes Voltage, Current, Power and Energy of All Transformers and Feeders for every minute in the cloud. It’s like a MRI / CT SCAN of the Electrical Energy flow in the Factory. All Authorized Users can see the status of Electrical Energy consumption in their departments / floor / Factory in near Real Time, and earlier trends. It’s like invisible supervision of the Factory's equipment working. The waveform trends will indicate the nature of load, its deficiencies, its working problems, and the likelihood of any equipment failure in near future. It's like diagnosis after reading the CT SCAN / MRI report. The analysis is done by the team of experts, which then gives suggestions to reduce consumption of energy according to their research

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Web Based Display of Factory Energy dashboard:

  • Energy Consumption Profile for each transformer, floor, critical, others & cooling loads.
  • Interactive Pie charts, Line graphs, bar graph of power demand & energy consumption allows user to view complete picture of electrical consumption in every single section of Factory in real time.
  • Detailed Electrical Parameter graph for each feeder , departments on click Drop-down. Daily Reports provides a daily energy increment /decrements & energy usage cost.
  • Mismanagement of Factory Electrical System gives inefficient, insecure & rise in electricity bills.
  • In the following graph, Excessive fluctuations & spikes in power demand are critically notable.
  • We Find the Root Cause of Excessively fluctuated power demand & energy consumption such as incorrect operation of Factory electrical loads.
  • See the system graph after applying highly effective energy saving measures & philosophies.
  • Utmost Necessary changes made in operating pattern of Factory load & fluctuations smooths out which in turn gives attractive energy savings.  Savings of 14% has achieved (except cooling which is weather dependent).

Benefits of Factory Energy Management System:

  • Invisible supervision: The system supervises the process as it can log the process start time, stop time and process running time.
  • Manpower free: No manpower is required to run it after the installation process.
  • Online display 24*7: The web application can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time we want to.
  • Mismanagement of Factory Electrical System gives inefficient, insecure & rise in electricity bills.
  • Authentic System: The system once set up it will be untouched by hand so you get a clear record of data.
  • Energy Cost Monitoring: Tracking the interval data along with the Real time Energy cost with Daily & historical energy cost graph provides comprehensive energy cost monitoring further, trends data can be identified to accurately plan monthly and yearly budgets.
  • Reduce carbon footprint.
  • Daily Actionable Report

Energy Optimisation System details

Energy Usage and Cost

  • Collect, digitalize and store utility information to get a full picture of energy consumption and costs per facility and site
  • Site Examine various utilities cost and consumption measures
  • Access real-time and historical information to analyze costs and usage, leading to proactive action
  • Analyze data from various feeders at periodic intervals
  • Analyze data in real-time in order to identify problems
  • View and analyze data stored in the database (SQL)

Energy Usage trend analysis by Simulation

  • Derive relationship between different process, weather and equipment using Computer Simulation techniques
  • Find out the most cogent relationship which affects the Energy usage, and suggest methods to optimize the Energy usage

Achieving Energy savings.

  • View baseline, past, or current energy measurements for a set of facilities to determine where a specific building ranks with respect to others
  • Compare buildings to similar sites to determine how well the portfolio is performing
  • The energy usage baseline ranks sites and compares any time period as a baseline

Energy efficiency issues

  • Engage with customer base by providing project information with building occupants
  • Increase store employees, customers,and residents that have the biggest impact in energy consumption and cost.

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